If organizations start with three simple initiatives, they will quickly see the payoff through staff connectivity, regained focus on what truly will bring the greatest returns, correction toward superior alignment, and improved client relations.  Here are three proven means for greater business impact:

First, train your staff to have an outward mindset.  The research is conclusive that organizations which help their staff develop an outward mindset enjoy higher reported staff satisfaction, greater engagement, and financial multiplication from loyal clients who prefer to work alongside them.  The outward mindset trains staff members in how to see others (staff and clients) as people – not objects, conduits, or tools.  It provides the structure to address the real needs in an organization that are impacting morale, client engagements, and profit margins.  Developing this mindset is a game changer for ANY organization.  Recently, a client, who has implemented the outward mindset within her workplace, expressed the tangible change among her staff who are willingly implementing healthy changes to better serve clients AND increase profitability.  A big dividend from a small investment!

Second, train your leaders (first) and staff (later) on tools to understand temperaments and strengths.  NEVER has this type of training not had a remarkable impact.  It creates the environment whereby team members can fully implement the outward mindset.  Yet, this data continues to be ignored, leading us to the assumption that others respond, think, and act as we do.  This assumption is false, and we do a disservice to our teams and clients by acting differently.  People are wired uniquely and when we value and cultivate those differences, we elevate everyone in the organization thereby generating the best that each person has to offer.  Staff members who know their unique abilities are valued will always bring greater success and impact to that organization.  A current client who has fully utilized temperament training is now applying these insights to better serve clients AND is consequently winning new contracts. That impacts the bottom line.

Third, get your leadership on the same page by aligning around a clearly facilitated process that verbalizes why you do what you do and then set goals and measurables to reinforce your purpose.  Not only does this help bring clarity regarding purpose and culture but also creates the guide rails within which an organization should be operating.  A well thought out plan and consequent goals then provides the freedom for your staff to pursue those areas that will have the biggest impact for moving an organization forward.  A well-crafted why process is not a stale mission statement that sits on a dusty banner; it’s a rallying cry that calls a staff to a higher purpose and the marching orders to greater traction in their field.

These are the three simple initiatives that will quickly motivate and rocket an organization to greater satisfaction, alignment, client engagement, and summarily increase the bottom line.  Utilized together, they are the powerful rocket fuel to change the impact of your organization. 

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