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Need to Overcome Workplace Conflict?

Understanding your team and individuals within it can make or break a business. Solve the source of workplace friction and reduce employee stress.

Want to find and hire the right candidate?

Identifying and hiring high-performing candidates is critical in today’s marketplace. Let us help you do this with confidence.

Need to streamline your vision and goals?

Goals, strategies, benchmarks—the idea is the same. How do you focus your teams’ energies to achieve action-oriented goals that move your workplace forward?

Looking to establish thought leadership?

Great leaders strive to become an expert authority in their field. Become an authentic thought leader with the reach and impact to grow your business.

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“Dan Moeller’s insight and expertise has helped our leadership team work more cohesively, and understand the dynamics at play within our staff. Our team regularly recognizes the influence his simple process helped us realize and are applying the basic principles again and again to attain better levels of success throughout the organization. The results we are seeing after a short time are remarkable. I highly recommend Dan for his expertise, thoroughness and true concern for helping people and organizations reach to be the best they can be.”

Cleve Reeves • Principal, BVH Architects

“Our corporate culture is very important to us… we consider it one of our best competitive advantages. We brought in PrairieFire to better improve communications within the company. I knew the benefits would be real. What I didn’t know wa,s that almost six months later, I would still hear people actively putting the information they learned to practical, everyday use.”

Mark Shaw • CEO, NebraskaLink
Dan Moeller (PrairieFire Consulting) has been instrumental in helping with the business leadership transition at BVH Architecture. With his guidance, beginning with the administration of True Colors, the leadership team at BVH has gained self-confidence, established respect and fostered genuine esteem for each other. It’s been through the development of these individual and collective characteristics that the leadership team has been successful in its efforts. Dan’s patience, thoughtfulness and insistence on action, have benefited the leadership team by forcing us move beyond the research and process phase of our efforts. He has a subtle, but firm approach that helped us get things done in a timely and effective manner.
Steve Miller • Practice Director, BVH Architecture


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