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PrairieFire Team

Dan Moeller
Dan MoellerCoach – Facilitator - Explorer
Dan is the founder of PraireFire Consulting with over a decade of experience in strategic leadership and workplace consultation.
Derek Effle
Derek EffleCoach – Facilitator – Adventurer
Derek is an adept leader with extensive background in community planning and team development for both profit and non-profit.
Lisa Moeller
Lisa MoellerCoach – Facilitator - Director
Lisa is an experienced staff director with versatility in equipping and team-building skills and Human Resources background.

Meet Dan

“We believe we are stronger when we hear each other’s stories, understand what makes each of us unique, and then value the differences for the greater good.”

-Dan Moeller, PrairieFire Consulting™ founder

Dan Moeller is an experienced visionary leader who understands the process of moving from big picture ideas to practical implementation. He is a proven team leader and developer who cares passionately about team members both developing and utilizing their strengths to their fullest potential. Dan draws from his multiple discipline background in human development, counseling, science, and management in both for profit and non-profit settings.

“We can help your team navigate root sources of conflict and misunderstanding to achieve a new culture of better appreciating the strengths and talents of team members.”

In previous years, Dan provided overall strategic leadership for Lincoln Berean Church as Executive Pastor of Family Life. He coordinated and guided staff meetings of 100+ employees to facilitate staff development, mentored and counseled individuals and departments within the church, and managed the overall budget of $7 million along with the directional team. During this time Dan devised a new team approach allowing efficiency in children’s programing and effective team dynamics, led the team responsible for over 900 children and 400 volunteers, and developed the security system used to ensure children’s safety during the church attendance of 6000+ people each weekend.

Dan got his start in leadership while managing the department team of validation scientists at MDS Pharma Services (now Celerion). While there he was responsible for the research and development division, coordination of all aspects of bioanalytical study including timeline, troubleshooting, invoicing, and report delivery, and all issues regarding division personnel, such as hiring, firing, and performance.

Dan received his Masters of Divinity from Biola University and his Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Accreditations & Memberships

Certified Facilitator, True Colors

Gain an in-depth understanding of your unique True Colors personality spectrum. When compared to other personality assessment tools True Colors has been repeatedly found to supersede all competition.

Facilitator, Start with the Why

Facilitator for discovering your “why” and how that affects every aspect of your life.

Member, International Christian Coaches Association

Extensive experience in working with individuals who desire to make real changes to better their lives and relationships.