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BVH Architecture

The Problem

BVH Architecture faced an uncertain future in regards to leadership. The firm’s principals wanted to give the company the capacity to grow and adapt for generations to come, well after its founders stepped down. The current leadership structure didn’t have future planning in place, which could spell trouble for a company in the ever-changing field of design.

The Approach

So how did they do it? One way is that they stuck to their values and invested in people. But they also didn’t consider themselves an island. They utilized PrairieFire Consulting to help them with action steps along the way. Ultimately, they committed themselves to change. We witnessed this commitment first hand at a leadership retreat. Multiple generations of leaders worked in unison with an outward mindset for the betterment of their firm and the enhanced experience of their clients. In a world where there is so much finger-pointing between generations, BVH Architecture is doing leadership right!

This would have never been possible without the full support and commitment of their senior leaders. As a firm, they experienced some bumps along the way. No organization makes such “Richter-Scale” changes without bumps. However, in working as a consultant with them, we worked to link arms, address issues, with the result of being a more progressive and cutting-edge architecture firm. It’s one of the reasons why they are the architecture firm of choice in Lincoln, Omaha, and beyond for creating purposeful places of wonder.

The Solution

About a year ago, the leadership at BVH Architecture made the gutsy decision to reorganize their leadership structure and simultaneously pass the baton on to the younger generation of leaders. PrairieFire helped BVH’s senior leadership join forces with the younger generation of leaders to reinvent BVH as a firm. They created a new structure which reflected a plurality of leadership involving multiple generations and different personality types. The product is a nimbler, more responsive, and more creative BVH, ready to take on the architectural challenges of today…and tomorrow.

What BVH Had to Say

“Dan Moeller’s insight and expertise from PrairieFire Consulting has helped our leadership team to work more cohesively, and to understand the dynamics at play within our staff. Dan’s approach helps make complex issues easy to understand. Dan serves as a calm guide in navigating through issues to root causes of conflict helps to sort through the root issues that can trip up everyday results and overall organizational goals. Our team regularly recognizes the influence his simple process helped us to realize and are applying the basic principles again and again to attain better levels of success throughout the organization. The results we are seeing after a short time are remarkable. I highly recommend Dan for his expertise, thoroughness and true concern for helping people and organizations reach to be the best they can be.”

Cleve Reeves
Principal, BVH Architects


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BVH Architecture


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