A Warm Welcome to Our Festive Kitchen!

The holiday season is here, and what better way to bring warmth and joy than by baking Christmas cookies together? But let’s add a twist! We’re going to blend the cheer of cookie making with the insightful Working Genius model by Patrick Lencioni. This model, with its six unique types of geniuses – Wonder, Invention, Discernment, Galvanizing, Enablement, and Tenacity, isn’t just about work; it’s about understanding and celebrating our strengths in every fun and festive thing we do!

Getting to Know Our Geniuses in the Kitchen

First, let’s get familiar with our six kitchen geniuses:

  1. Wonder: The curious minds asking, “What can make our cookie-making extra special?”
  2. Invention: Our creative chefs dreaming up those wow-factor cookies!
  3. Discernment: The savvy taste-testers deciding which ideas are just right.
  4. Galvanizing: The energetic organizers getting everyone moving and grooving.
  5. Enablement: The supportive friends, ready with a helping hand.
  6. Tenacity: The determined finishers, ensuring every cookie is baked to perfection.

Our Cookie-Making Adventure!

  1. Dreaming Up Our Cookies (Wonder and Invention)
    • Wonder: Let’s start with a heartwarming chat. What memories do we want to bake into our cookies? What new traditions are we itching to create?
    • Invention: Time to put on our thinking caps! Shall we try a peppermint twist, or how about star-shaped cookies with a glittery glaze?
  2. Choosing Our Best Ideas (Discernment)
    • Discernment: Now, let’s sift through our ideas. Which ones make us smile the most and seem doable in our cozy kitchen?
  3. Getting Ready to Bake (Galvanizing and Enablement)
    • Galvanizing: Alright, team! Let’s gather our ingredients, line up our cookie sheets, and get set for some baking fun!
    • Enablement: We’re all in this together – measuring, mixing, and maybe sneaking in a taste or two!
  4. The Baking Bonanza (Tenacity and Enablement)
    • Tenacity: Keeping an eye on the oven and our spirits high – that’s our mission. Let’s make these cookies the talk of the town!
    • Enablement: And don’t forget the decorating! Let’s sprinkle, glaze, and garnish with all the joy of the season.
  5. Cookie Showtime and Reflection (Discernment and Wonder)
    • Discernment: Here’s the best part – admiring our cookie creations! What worked wonderfully? What little tweaks can we think of for next time?
    • Wonder: As we enjoy our delicious cookies, let’s reflect. What did we learn about ourselves and each other during this delightful bake-off?

Wrapping Up Our Cookie Extravaganza

Baking Christmas cookies with the Working Genius model isn’t just about the treats (though they are a fantastic bonus!). It’s about bonding, learning about each other, and having a heap of fun. We’ve mixed, baked, and decorated, but most importantly, we’ve shared laughs and created memories that are as sweet as our cookies.

Our Heartfelt Takeaway

This isn’t just a kitchen adventure; it’s a lesson in teamwork and joy. Each of us brings a special ingredient to the mix, making every moment together, in baking or beyond, truly magical. Happy Holidays, and here’s to many more moments of shared genius and shared cookies! 🍪🎄🌟