PrairieFire Consulting is excited to welcome Craig Burnside as a Consultant, starting January 2nd. With a rich background in agribusiness from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and diverse roles in pharmaceuticals and pastoral care, Craig brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy. Known for his impactful leadership in business relationship management and his dedication to community and honest values, Craig is poised to make significant contributions to our team with his innovative approach and commitment to excellence.

Craig’s experience began while growing up near Stapleton, Nebraska, in farm and ranch country. He spent the majority of his early working years with livestock and crops on the family farm and continues to help out there today.

Craig is married to his amazing wife, Jessica, and is blessed to have three wonderful daughters in his life. They bring him absolute joy, and he cherishes doing life with them.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Agribusiness, Craig started as a Bioanalytical Manager and then as an Analytical Finance Coordinator for 8 years at MDS Pharmaceuticals. While working at MDS, he received his Master of Divinity degree from Talbot. He later utilized those skills as a Family Life Pastor at Lincoln Berean Church, focusing on mentoring and encouraging individuals and couples navigating the challenges of life.

In 2018, Craig joined RealmFive as the Business Relationship Manager. In this role, his focus was on business development, sales, and enhancing the overall customer experience. Building strong customer relationships and focusing on their needs was his priority.

When he’s not working with PrairieFire, Craig loves spending time with his family and working on projects at home. Whether it’s remodeling old farmhouses, working back at the farm, riding horses, or playing games, the opportunity to spend time with his family and make an impact in the community is something that fills his heart.

Please join us in welcoming Craig to our team!