The Enchanted Quest: A Halloween Tale of Wisdom and Strengths

2023-10-23T12:11:44-05:00October 29th, 2023|

Gather 'round, dear souls, for a Halloween tale like no other—a quest filled with enchantments and revelations! Imagine, if you will, a mythical land where three unique and mystical beings decide to embark on an epic journey to retrieve the lost Scroll of Infinite Wisdom. The wizard of Working Genius, cloaked in robes embroidered with

Transforming “I wish I were better at…” Thinking

2023-10-02T11:45:38-05:00October 2nd, 2023|

"I wish I were better at..." Does that sound familiar? You've likely uttered or heard someone else say these words countless times. Whether it's "I wish I were better at golf" (not a sentiment I share) or "I wish I were better at getting exercise" (a sentiment I express almost weekly), these wishes often remain

Beyond the Buzzwords: Three Timeless Strategies for Transforming Your Business

2023-08-31T16:20:14-05:00October 1st, 2023|

In today's fast-paced business landscape, we're constantly barraged with the 'next big thing' guaranteed to solve all of our organizational woes. Whether it's a revolutionary software platform or a groundbreaking methodology, each promises a utopia of efficiency, collaboration, and bottom-line growth. This fixation on the "new and innovative" rings eerily familiar. Take, for instance, my

Cultivating an Infinite Mindset: Five Strategic Ways to Elevate Your Workplace Culture

2023-09-25T10:34:47-05:00September 24th, 2023|

In the wise words of Simon Sinek, "Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first." The essence of a successful organization lies not just in its products or services, but in the culture it fosters among its people. A meaningful, values-driven culture is the foundation upon which enduring success is built.

Navigating the Storm: How a Leadership Coach Can Steer New Managers Through Choppy Water

2023-09-19T08:37:59-05:00September 17th, 2023|

Navigating the Storm: How a Leadership Coach Can Steer New Managers Through Choppy Waters We've all been there—new role, new responsibilities, and the overwhelming sense that you've been thrown into the deep end. For young or new managers, this feeling can be paralyzing. If you can relate to this scenario, you're not alone. But what

Navigating the Maze of Uncertainty: Why a Business Coach is Your Ultimate GPS for Staff Development

2023-08-30T14:58:52-05:00August 30th, 2023|

Ah, the classic conundrum! When the future's as clear as mud and businesses are scrambling to make sense of it all, the first thing many do is hit the brakes on staff development. It's like pausing your GPS when you're lost in a maze—kinda counterproductive, right? But here's why you should actually be doing the

Why Developing People Should Matter to You

2021-05-27T11:31:55-05:00May 27th, 2021|

Recently I was listening to Dr. Amy Edmondson talking about the importance of psychological safety in the workplace.  If you haven’t heard of Dr. Edmondson, you are missing out.  She has done a considerable amount of research as to why some teams flourish and others just struggle.  Her research points to the necessity for every

Getting the Most When Seeking Organizational Alignment

2021-05-19T13:36:51-05:00May 3rd, 2021|

I am not always up on the latest trends.  Ripped jeans still look like worn out jeans to me.  Recently, my teenage kids let me know that jeans, ripped or not ripped, are out.  Now it’s about athletic pants and leggings, which are still peculiar and undefined for me.  Are leggings the same thing as

The Top Three Workplace Conflict Complaints

2021-04-14T22:54:35-05:00April 14th, 2021|

One of my secret indulgences is that I really like the Shrek movies and their notable characters.  The crusty, prickly, but kind-hearted Ogre must “endure” the illogical Donkey, the swarthy Puss-n-Boots, and the sometimes-misunderstood Fiona.  Throughout their merry adventures, various conflicts arise as these colorful personalities interact.  They care about each other, but at times

Developing Transformational Teams in a COVID World

2021-04-14T18:22:00-05:00April 7th, 2021|

Years ago a good friend of mine introduced me to a simplified breakdown for understanding temperament--True Colors.  Immediately I was amazed and also intrigued with the ramifications of using this assessment.  Over the years, after using the assessment and being certified to teach it, I have been impressed by how effectively and extensively it brings

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