The Top Three Workplace Conflict Complaints

2021-04-14T22:54:35-05:00April 14th, 2021|

One of my secret indulgences is that I really like the Shrek movies and their notable characters.  The crusty, prickly, but kind-hearted Ogre must “endure” the illogical Donkey, the swarthy Puss-n-Boots, and the sometimes-misunderstood Fiona.  Throughout their merry adventures, various conflicts arise as these colorful personalities interact.  They care about each other, but at times

Developing Transformational Teams in a COVID World

2021-04-14T18:22:00-05:00April 7th, 2021|

Years ago a good friend of mine introduced me to a simplified breakdown for understanding temperament--True Colors.  Immediately I was amazed and also intrigued with the ramifications of using this assessment.  Over the years, after using the assessment and being certified to teach it, I have been impressed by how effectively and extensively it brings

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