It’s an uncommon moment in history.  Recently, the Big Ten decided not to play football this fall.  Kids are going back to school to reduced class sizes or rotating between on-line and classroom learning.  There is tremendous pressure socially to be for or against something (like masks).   Nevertheless, while working with organizations and businesses in this season of uncommon moments, there are three core principles I have repeatedly observed.

My first observation is that work culture matters.  Several of our clients, who had previously done the hard work of improving their culture, are weathering this uncertain time successfully.  They had not only identified areas of concern, but they had also worked hard to change those areas for the better.  Some of our clients are even taking this current opportunity to expand their business.  Why?  Because they had already spent the time and resources to get roadblocks out of the way so their staff could execute.

How did they remove roadblocks?  They got themselves (with a little help) on the same page; this leads to my second observation.  Organizations that have spent time aligning their vision, values, and overall goals have a laser like focus when it comes to executing.  Additionally, they have the discipline to identify those things to which they should say “no”.  Because there is directional clarity, they can flex on strategy in times of uncertainty.  Why?  Because their staff are equipped, empowered, and focused to bring their natural best to create successes.

How do staff bring their natural best?  My last observation is that during times of upheaval, it is evident which organizations invest in their people.  Team building, coaching, and staff training simply pays off.  There is no time that shows this more clearly than times of extreme uncertainty.  My Dad used to tell me that you get what you pay for.  This is especially evident when we talk about staff.  If you “pay” your staff with little coaching, lack of directional clarity, and little training, you will get staff that tend to respond to circumstances in unproductive ways.  If you “pay” staff with coaching, a clear plan and direction, and constructive training, you will get staff that rally and flex with the current times much more effectively.

Sooner or later, all of us learn that we either pay now or we pay later – there are few free lunches.  The good news is that it’s never too late.  Here are three practical steps to get your organization back on track:

  • Take advantage of our free staff culture survey. After the survey, we will spend a couple hours with you discussing the findings and give you a roadmap to where to go next.
  • Schedule a free one-hour business coaching session with you or your staff. We will help you tackle an issue or goal that’s holding you back from success.
  • Take advantage of our free QPR suicide prevention training for staff. In times of greater uncertainty what better gift to give your staff than certified training designed to help people learn to question, persuade, and refer others toward getting help.

Uncommon times of upheaval require new ways of pursuing solutions.  Organizations that have cultivated a great workplace culture, have a laser focus to their vision and goals, and have invested in their staff are receiving the pay-off.  Drop us a line or give us a call to start pursuing your own solutions.

Until next time,

Dan / Derek

PrairieFire Consulting